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Welcome back to Long Staw Ranch

Happy New Year to you all.

We at Long Straw Ranch hope you've had a terrific holiday season and that your 2012 will be a good year.  In particular, we hope you have time to get out and enjoy the great Texas outdoors.

The following three short articles are just a quick update on what we've been doing at Long Straw through the late fall and early winter.



Pond Deepening Project

As you can imagine, the drought we experienced throughout the Summer and Fall of 2011 (which we think is still ongoing despite some recent rains), really took a toll on our ponds this year.

The bright side of this is that it gave us a chance to come in with a bulldozer and deepen several ponds so that when we DO get rain again (Al Gore assures us that this will happen in our lifetime) we can hold more water longer.

I knew it was getting tough when the bass started swimming with snorkels...

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Skid Loader

From a habitat management perspective, perhaps the most noteworthy "Item of Note" is our removal of the red cedar from about 35 acres this last Summer.

I think this was previously mentioned in the Fall newsletter, but I wanted to give credit to Ron Smith who ran the "skid loader with grapple bucket" pictured here.  For five days, Ron looked like the clapper in a church bell as he got dinged around, but there is no doubt that the results are worth the effort...

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Pheasant Tower Shoots

We've had one Pheasant Tower Shoot to date.  This was a private event for the Park Cities Quail organization and served as a fund raiser for them.

We knew in advance that the Park Cities crew featured some pretty good shots, and the final numbers for the Tower Shoot bear this out.  Of the 300 Pheasants thrown, 225 were brought down.

It goes without saying that our bird-cleaning crew was working overtime that day...

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As you can tell, we are very proud of our capital improvements and habitat management.  It's been especially gratifying to see how our hard work has helped spare the ranch from the worst effects of the drought conditions in North Texas.

As a result, we actually have lots of excellent ground cover, and we fully expect it to continue to thrive throughout the rest of Winter and on into the Spring.  This bodes well for our clients in 2012!

Naturally, to go along with our good cover, we have lots of good birds, guides, dogs, etc.  I hope you are able to come out and enjoy Long Straw this season.

We've had a number of folks come out to exercise/train their bird dogs here, owing to the lack of wild birds this year.  This makes for a great day and we're more than happy to provide the facility — and the birds — if you want to work your prized pointers.

Safe shooting everyone!

Mike Higgins & Melinda Branchini
Long Straw Ranch

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