Long Straw Ranch


Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith is the Chief Guide for Long Straw Ranch. Ronnie grew up in Texas into a ranching family. He learned to break horses and perfected his methods of using a gentle approach to training. This has transferred to his love of dogs and his dog training methodology. Ronnie believes in treating every dog as an individual, exercising great patience, and dealing with each dog's individual personality. He makes very limited use of "E" collars in his training of dogs.

Ronnie earned a degree in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from Abilene Christian College, specializing in effective wildlife and land management... especially as it relates to upland bird management. Ronnie then became a world-class dog trainer, guide, and shooter. He began his career after college as an apprentice to Roger Buddin (Big Country Kennel & Outfitters in Albany, Texas).

Ronnie has been active and instrumental in assisting Long Straw Ranch in the development and cultivation of the land for upland bird hunting. Ronnie guides dogs and hunters to enjoy the experience of upland bird hunting at Long Straw Ranch.

Ronnie and his wife, Stacy (along with their sons Ryan and Reed and daughter, Reece) have lived in Bartonville, Texas, since 1991, where they own and operate a large hunting dog training facility as well as a horse boarding and training business. Ronnie's kennel breeding and training operation focuses on English Pointers and Labradors. He trains and breeds over 60 dogs a year for sportsmen all over the country.  His kennels include 35 dog runs and an all-weather dog barn. Ronnie's philosophy of dog training is: "A dog in training is part of the family and we train everyone as a member of the pack."

Ronnie became the youngest National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSRTA) judge in 1985, and began guiding professionally in 1987. He is an accomplished sporting clay shooter and recently won the 2010 NSCA side-by-side championship. Ronnie is also a member of the Dallas Gun Club.